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Relocation Revisited: Is It Time For A Legislative Response?

Posted On : 29 December 2015 By: Charles Vuotto

By Charles F. Vuotto, Jr. and Mark Biel   Sometimes attorneys must issue a clarion call for substantive change when the underlying predicates of a judicial decision no longer exist, or perhaps never really existed in the first place. Such is where we find ourselves as we critique the law of relocation presently extant in read more

Proposed Child Relocation Bill

Posted On : 01 December 2015 By: Charles Vuotto

Senator Peter J. Barnes, III from District 18 (Middlesex) has introduced Senate Bill No. 3252 seeking to codify the standards for a court to consider in determining an application for removal of a child of divorce or separated persons from the jurisdiction. This Bill is supported by the New Jersey State Bar Association. This is read more

Should The Decision To Have Children Require A Presumption Of Residential Proximity?

Posted On : 17 September 2012 By: Charles Vuotto

BY Charles F. Vuotto, Jr.   Parents relinquish many rights upon the birth of a child in order to protect that child’s best interests.  Isn’t it fundamental that among these rights relinquished as a consequence of parenthood is the right to relocate freely?  Put differently, to the extent necessary to facilitate the best interests of read more