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Arbitration of Divorce Matters

Consider arbitration of your family law matter. The public policy of New Jersey favors arbitration. Arbitration is a process by which parties enter into a contract or agreement to have the issues in their dispute determined by a third party called an arbitrator or umpire. Arbitration is a method to resolve disputes outside of the court system by way of an impartial third party. That impartial third party may be a retired judge, an attorney or any other individual that the parties believe is appropriate to resolve their dispute. Arbitration allows parties to resolve their disputes in a private setting in a fashion that they determine to be fair an efficient. Often, the arbitration process is quicker and less expensive then proceeding to trial in the court system. This is true even though the parties usually must compensate the arbitrator and perhaps may even have to pay for a record to be maintained for all or a portion of the arbitration proceedings. This depends on how the parties wish to proceed and the issues to be arbitrated. The parties are able to decide not only who will be their arbitrator but also how and when the arbitration process will proceed.

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