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Marital Lifestyle and Alimony – Child Support

Marital Lifestyle is a statutory factor for various aspects of a divorce including child support, alimony, and property division. You need to give the underlying information to your attorney so that he or she can effectively argue as to lifestyle to the extent relevant. Basically, explain how you live your life? Did you live a low, middle or upper-class lifestyle? Begin to describe your marital lifestyle using the following categories: (a) marital residence – size, pool, improvements; (b) vacation homes; (c) extent of savings in bank or investment accounts; (d) types of automobiles, boats, planes, motorcycles or other vehicles or recreational crafts; (e) frequency and locations of vacations; (f) furs and jewelry; (g) nature of stores frequented; (h) country club memberships; (i) extent of entertainment including, but not limited to: gambling, sports, hobbies, restaurants, theatre, movies and the like; (j) extent of gifts given and received; (k) extent of service providers such as household help, gardeners, maintenance personnel and the like; (l) nature, extent and value of household furniture and furnishings, including collectibles and artwork; (m) children’s expenses, including, but not limited to, private school, camps, tutoring or extracurricular activities; (n) available cash; (o) available free time; (p) personal expenses run through a business; and (q) funds spent on pets expenses.

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