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High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

What is considered high net worth in a divorce?

Since there is really no legal definition for ‘high net-worth’, we’ll consider it to mean a couple whose invested assets exceed a particular amount, generally exceeding $1 million.  Because the assets are more substantial in this type of divorce, they can easily become more complex and can often be tricky as well.

It is therefore important to be represented by an attorney who has experience with high net worth divorce to ensure that they have the knowledge needed to address issues that don’t come up in an average divorce.

Typical Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce

  • Business holdings;
  • Real estate valued in excess of $1 million;
  • Investment portfolios;
  • Exotic vehicles;
  • Vacation properties;
  • Artwork & Collections;
  • Stock Options & Restricted Stock Units;
  • Private Equity & Hedge Funds.

You also have to consider that this type of divorce can drastically affect the terms of child support, spousal support and more. If you or your spouse has over $1 million in assets, then your divorce is considered a high net worth divorce.

Your Best Plan of Action?

To successfully resolve this type of  divorce in New Jersey you must arm yourself with a team of experts who can accurately evaluate all marital assets. My 30+ years of experience has allowed me to develop such a team of highly reputable experts, including:

  • Forensic accountants;
  • Financial analysts;
  • Real estate and property appraisers; and
  • Private investigators.

Because so much is at stake financially, this type of  proceeding may turn highly contested and/or lengthy. Therefore, it is important that you avoid unnecessary legal fees and achieve the most efficient and successful result. Contact me to discuss all of your options and how together, we can reach that successful result.