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Additional COVID Safety Protocols For Parents

  1. Any boxes delivered to the home are left in the garage for 5 days.
  2. All mail is placed in a non-living space for 2 days before being touched.
  3. All plastic is quarantined for 5 days.
  4. At no time does a parent or significant other touch boxes without gloves, and the boxes are immediately placed in the garage for disposal.
  5. Any food that is delivered to the home is individually sanitized item by item and done so on a portion of the counter with plastic.
  6. Before the children travel in the car it is sanitized with disinfectant. There is also ongoing disinfecting of flat surfaces in the home.
  7. If meals are delivered, any bags are left outside and then opened wearing gloves, with the container the food came in placed on the section of the counter covered with plastic. The containers are never touched by anyone without gloves and are immediately disposed of outside the home.
  8. All household members engage in social distancing and stay home whenever possible.
  9. The parent and children refrain from going out and stay home unless a trip is needed for food, healthcare, work or other necessary purpose. Children should be encouraged to play outside or go on walks.
  10. The children do not socialize with friends or neighbors, nor does the parent. Children should be encouraged to communicate electronically with their friends.
  11. Parent should wear gloves when opening packages or mail, and they are left in a separate room.
  12. The parent should change his or her clothes after work.
  13. Parent and children should all wash their hands frequently.
  14. Parent’s car is sanitized, and the house disinfected daily (i.e. cleaning all common surfaces, faucets, handles, knobs counters, etc.)
  15. Food purchased at a store or supermarket is cleaned and then cooked thoroughly.

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