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Divorce and Division of Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units

This practical webinar will prepare family law practitioners and financial experts to better represent litigants in identifying, classifying and valuing stock options and restricted stock units (RSUs) for purposes of both equitable distribution and income availability upon divorce or in the context of post-judgment modification. You will learn about the different types of stock options and RSUs, the identification, consideration and distribution of these stock options and RSUs in the matrimonial context, and the appropriate valuation methods for such stock options in the divorce and post-divorce context. Among other things, you will learn about:

Gray areas where specific attention to the details surrounding the nature and purpose of the stock option need to be carefully analyzed to avoid inappropriate distribution or inaccurate assumptions regarding pre-marital, marital or post-marital assets and income.
The difference between a vested and unvested stock option
How to identify different stock options
What “time rules” are used in various venues
What different valuation methods can be applied to value a stock option, and under what specific circumstances the different valuation methods should be applied
When stock options should be considered as marital assets subject to equitable distribution, and under what circumstances stock options can and/or should be considered income
How one equitably distributes a stock option
Challenges RSUs present that are different than those presented by stock options

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